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> I really hate this and am very discouraged. Now what to do 
> basals. Will definitely have to inject, don't want to use NPH. Can
> anybody give me some ideas as how to do this. Also, can I inject
> thru the infustion set? (its a Quikset) and we are new using this
> set. HELP! Her bs this morning was 377!
Hi Yvonne,

Don't despair, it's not to hard to continue without the pump. Please 
double check with your doc before proceeding. I will tell you what we 
have done under similar circumstances but you should certainly check 
with your medical team.

Lily had a pump die at the beginning of a 3 day weekend. For the 
three days she injected regular insulin into her infusion set every 
4-5 hours to cover basals -- the same amount as would be used for 
that time period. This works out pretty well if a basal injection is 
done at bedtime then once during the night. In the morning the next 
was due and her bg's were fine, actually better than the few days 
before her pump broke. Meal boluses can be done in the same fashion 
using fast acting insulin into the set.

One caveat .... it may be easier to use two sets than to deal with 
the problem of the insulin remaining in the set from the injection 
point to where it enters the body. Regular peaks in 4 hours, Humalog 
in 2. A sofset has a residual volume of 2.5 units from the QR 
Silohuettes 0.75 units, other sets ????

You must either account for the residual insulin that is pushed in 
and its action time when you inject insulin that is not the same as 
the previous type, use a different set, or do a regular injection to 
avoid the problem.

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