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[IP] Re: Babies/Toddlers drinking milk AND Type 1 Diabetes Affect Learning

I have heard both of these things before. I think there are probably many causes for T1 diabetes. 

As infants, my T1 brother and myself both had poblems with milk, and my mother had to add something to it. My T1 cousin was severely allergic to cow's milk and had to drink goat's milk. This is probably a coincidence. My nieces and daughter have a difficult time with milk and they are not diabetic.

As far as the learning thing goes, low bgs can destroy some brain cells. So, many many hypos may cause problems, but I think they have to be very many and very low and very long lasting.

It is also difficult to "focus" when my bg is low, so if that is the case, I might miss a detail or 2. If that detail comes up on a test, that is a problem.

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