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Re: [IP] Re: Insuance - - for Sherry

Sherry - -

I am not a business expert by any means, but here in Cleveland there is an 
organization called COSE (Council on Small Enterprises) that when you are an 
owner of a small business, then you can join COSE and get good insurance.  Is 
there a group like our COSE in your area?  Maybe contact your local Better 
Business Bureau? Or a local organization for small businesses?

Roxanne M. Villanueva RD, LD, CPT
Registered and Licensed Dietitian
Minimed Certified Insulin Pump Trainer
IDDM X >19 Years, Pumping 1/4/1995
(MM since 11/00 and am much happier!)
"Diabetes is a disease of complications waiting to happen." - - - Mary Tyler 

In a message dated 11/1/2001 01:28:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Ahhh Dave I agree I hate the insurance companies.  
> I have Fortis Insurance.  I have a deductible of $3,200 then they pay 50% 
> are 
> you impress yet??? After $5,850.  They pay 100%.  All diabetic supplies 
> including the pump and the supplies come under the deductible not durable 
> goods.  Also it took 4 months to fight them to get the pump even approved.  
> Not only that - We cannot get it directly from Mini-Med - it has to come 
> from 
> a sub contractor so we are not getting charged $5,000 for the pump we will 
> be 
> charged $10,000. for the pump.  I know we need new insurance, but since we 
> own our business we cannot get group insurance, and so far in the state of 
> MO, perexisting conditions still apply. So we are stuck.  At least we have 
> something.  
> So keep fighting!!  BTW, today is the DAY! We are heading to Children's 
> Hospital to get the pump today!!!!!!!!
> Sherry 
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