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RE: [IP] Employers knowledge

I started my new job not being sure when/how to let my boss know about the diabetes (I've only been dx'd since May 99 - my last job was one that came through an acquaintence who already knew).  Well had a low the first day, and the second - so told her at the end of the 2d and she was completely cool.  Then let my co-workers know at the staff meeting - told em if they needed something from me in a hurry and wanted to bribe me - use nuts or jerky - no sweets.  Also told them had never woken up under my desk on the floor or at home with nice young people in uniforms putting in an IV - but of course there is always a first.

My boss and the other gal in the dept know that I have frosting in my desk should I ever be REALLY REALLY outof it - and that I always have my glucose tabs in my purse - the thing my boss was most concerned about was did I have a medi alert bracelet - which I promptly showed her.

Hasn't been issue since.

Linda & Dax
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