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RE: [IP] first day of pump training

>I suspect that it's something like the mental block many people have to
>programming a VCR - or rather the assumption on the part of the trainers,
>endos, etc., that somehow this is difficult and they have to "be sure".
>It's a vestige of lack of trust of patients by health care providers.
>Either they trust us to be in charge of managing our disease or they don't.
>If yours doesn't - start shopping (I realize this is easier said than done).
>Jim Handsfield

Right now, I'm in total control of my pump and how I use it.  I think that 
a lot of health care professionals are not always sure of their patients 
and how "intelligent" they will be in the use of their pump.  You must 
remember, that we here on the pumpers' list are a very informed group of 
people, but most health care professionals don't know how informed their 
patients are.  They can't assume anything when it comes to health care (and 
I wouldn't want them to).  I do know that there are patients in my endo's 
office who have tried pumps and then went off of them because they didn't 
want to do the extra work they needed to do to stay on the pump.  Let's 
face it, you do need to know some very important skills to use a pump 
efficiently, just sticking someone on it and telling them to "push a few 
buttons" is not going to cut it.  And, I wouldn't change endos now for the 
world, since he lets "me" be in total control of my pump (but then he's 
been assured that I know what I'm doing and that I can handle it).  I know 
of other doctor's (from talking to other pumpers) who won't even let them 
change a basal rate without their permission.  When I go see my endo, he 
always asks me what basal rates I'm running and he writes them on my chart 
so that he can have a record of it.  No, my endo is just fine for me.  But, 
I did have to do their training, right or wrong, that's what they required, 
and no, I don't want a new doctor's office because I know what I have now, 
and how do I know that another endo would be better or not?  In fact, 
he/she could be worse and I like what I have just fine.  I have a lot of 
freedom with my current endo, but I only had to show him that I could 
handle it.  *I* don't think that was too much to ask.

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