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RE: [IP] first day of pump training

RoseLea [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Perhaps it's partially because of liability 
> issues in that if 
> they don't cover all the necessary items in pumping  they 
> could be held 
> liable if something goes wrong (I'm only guessing here).  

MiniMed provides a checklist for trainers.  I suspect that, as long as all
items are covered, it makes no liability difference.  The issue should be
that the person starting CSII understand what s/he needs to understand to
begin safely and effectively.  Fine tuning comes after the start.  For
anyone intelligent enough to 1) understand *why* they want to use a pump;
and 2) how to operate the pump, there's no reason to require multiple day
training, etc.  Someone who's testing at least 4 times a day and has read
the literature should be able to be trained in a few hours.

I suspect that it's something like the mental block many people have to
programming a VCR - or rather the assumption on the part of the trainers,
endos, etc., that somehow this is difficult and they have to "be sure".
It's a vestige of lack of trust of patients by health care providers.
Either they trust us to be in charge of managing our disease or they don't.
If yours doesn't - start shopping (I realize this is easier said than done).

Jim Handsfield
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email @ redacted

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