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[IP] Re: T1 Kids and Intelligence

To the parents of child diabetics who are concerned about the possible 
effects of diabetes on intelligence, I would like to cite my own
experience. Admittedly the therapy of today is very different from the
therapy of more than 50 years ago. But I think anyone who is concerned
about the effects of less-than-perfect control can rest easy. Just do
the best you can.

I was dx when I was 10 years old, in December of my fifth grade year.
I was unconscious from DKA for several days (I think). Back in those
days we had no home BG tests. All we had was urine tests, where the
philosophy was try to spill a little bit of sugar. This actually meant
frequently spilling a lot and occasionally going to what turned out to
be the low end of the negative range, where hypo occurred. Insulin was
injected once a day, using long acting insulin (PZI or Globin) that
had unknown activity curves.

When I was in the 7th grade, tests were administered to everyone to
determine where we would be placed the following year when we entered
high school (yes, it was a 5-year high school). I was placed in the
advanced or top level class. I graduated from high school as 10th in a
class of about 530. I received the RPI Alumni Assn medal, given to the
"boy with the highest rating in math and science throughout high
school." In college I attended Swarthmore and graduated with High
Honors in electrical engineering. My first employment after graduating
from college was with General Electric, where I was accepted into
their Advanced Engineering Program, a three year training and study
program that was considered to be the equivalent of an advanced

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, pump 1995
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