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[IP] Re: Denise and her war

Denise -

Yes, we are listening and we feel for you.  Sometimes it's hard to know
what to say.

I agree with you wholeheartedly about a few things.  One, diabetes never
really bothered me as a child, and now as an (older) adult I absolutely
despise it!! I never felt such hatred for the disease as I have in the past
few years.  Of course, that's because I'm having multiple complications.
To try to save my kidneys, I went on the pump.  My blood sugars are better,
but who knows if my organ function will improve?  It's only been 5 months -
too soon to tell, according to the "experts."

And yes, I still struggle to maintain decent numbers.  I struggle DAILY,
and sometimes still get the yoyo effect you describe.  These people who say
they have perfect ha1cs must be from another planet, because I don't think
mine will ever be that good.  And I test my sugar so frequently now - as we
all do - and I NEVER did that for most of my life, when things were MUCH
BETTER.  I just took my shots and went my merry way. It just is so ironic!
I feel that, despite the advantages of the pump, diabetes is controlling my

I feel like a prisoner.  A PRISONER.  So I know exactly what you are
feeling.  And many times I say I hate my life - many, many times, and not
just because of diabetes.  It's just that now diabetes is one reason
why....and it never was before.

About your daughter - I have no kids but can imagine the hell you are going
through with her.  As a former teacher, I can tell you she's at the worst
age possible right now (I'll bet you didn't know that???!!!) and things
will get better.  aS for making her take responsibility for her condition,
that should NOT be solely your responsibility.  Can't your husband get off
his duff and exert his authority around her?? Why do you have to be the
"bad guy?" I hate to sound sexist, but.... never mind; I'll leave it
unsaid. Many male contributors to this group are excellent health care
providers.  Your husband, it seems, is one of the ho-hum spouses.  I don't
have a spouse, but my boyfriend also stinks in that department.

You are not alone!! I'll be hoping and praying for you

All the best,
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