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[IP] Babies/Toddlers drinking milk

I had a question about milk.  I don't want to start a flame war.  Period.

I remember a while ago reading something about how milk can cause diabetes
in children.  My daughter is almost 10 months old and has been breastfed so
far.  It is getting to the time to introduce milk, but I am nervous about
it.  See, I have one brother who got diabetes at 3 years old.  I have
another brother who got diabetes at age 26, and I got diabetes at age 27.
So you can see it runs in the family.  I don't want to increase her chances
if it can be helped.  Just wondering what you know about it.

I don't need to hear about calcium & vitamin D.  Obviously I would make sure
her intake was appropriate.  I just want to know what you know about the
milk-diabetes link.

minimed 12/98
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