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[IP] Help Help Help (backup plan needed!)

Hi all:
Strange occurance happened with my sons pump yesterday.  It started beeping
and said NO POWER, no warnings or anything!  I changed the batteries and a
couple hours later, we got a LO BATT reading.  I called Minimed helpline and
they had me take the batteries out and wipe the posts etc. with rubbing
alcohol.  I put everything back, tested and it said OK.  Then last night about
2am it beeped NO POWER again!  This time I called Minimed helpline and they
are sending us a loaner pump Monday.  In the meantime we got a LO BATT alarm
again at about 7am!  I pulled out the battery cartridge and re-inserted and it
is back to fine again...  Anyone else ever have this??? What was wrong do you

So while we wait for our backup to arrive I need to be refreshed in how to do
shots? (The pump is still working once I pull the batteries in and out so I
hope I can get away with that until Mon.) But in case of a total meltdown, can
someone PLEASE send me the formula for shots again??? I prefer to inject
through the infusion set...and he is prone to hypos.

Thanks SO much!!
(Mom to son 5, pumping 1 year 3 months)
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