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Last night Eileen's pump went crazy. It gaves us EO1 alarm the whole night 
and also some no delivery alarms. When I tried to reset pump, the screen 
went blank. The act button doesn't respond. Changed batteries, reservoir, 
insulin set, etc, all this in the middle of the night. Gave her an injection 
at 1:30 a.m. Called MM and they will send a loaner that will arrive 
tomorrow/said it is apparently a sofware malfunction. Our pump is only 14 
months old.

I really hate this and am very discouraged. Now what to do regarding basals. 
Will definitely have to inject, don't want to use NPH. Can anybody give me 
some ideas as how to do this. Also, can I inject thru the infustion set? 
(its a Quikset) and we are new using this set.
HELP! Her bs this morning was 377!


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