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Re: [IP] Re: Type 1 Diabetes Affect Learning

At 30, I'm not in school anymore, but I've started studying hard for my 9
architecture registration exams. I worked through a lot of red tape to get
special accommodations at the testing center, first to take in my pump and
meter (easy), glucose tablets (I nearly had to threaten possible death in
their center if they made me store them in a locked locker), a separate room
(alarms would disturb everyone else at least as much as me) and extra
breaks. Partly, I needed to plan for the worst case of my pump failing in
the middle of the exams (some of which are normally 7-8 hours long). Also, I
needed to plan for the possiblity of my bg going out of whack. If it's
really low, I can't focus; if it's really high, I worry about that and
trying to fix it instead of working on the task at hand. So, I managed to
get the optional breaks, even keeping the center open extra hours for the
long ones, just in case. Now, I just have to keep the bg in line so I can
read contracts, study guides, etc. I'd appreciate a few good thoughts sent
my way on Nov. 8, my first exam, and on through March 4 (my last, if I pass
them all on the first try). No need to type anything, just a little wish
wispered into the wind that my big D. doesn't get in my way. Thank you.
dx'd 9/90, pumping w/Righteous Babe since 4/01.
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