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Re: [IP] Unemployement or Disability?

> Subject: [IP] Unemployement or Disability?
> Anyone else have problems with auto-immune diseases such as Lupus, Arthritis
> etc.  What do you do?
> What about disability from work?  I have always worked (and not shared with
> employers my condition) regardless of my DM control, now have tried to take
> off to gain control as well as being laid off due to 9-11-01, (I worked for
> CONTINENTAL Airlines) but they want to know why I won't take just any job as
> cashier etc.  I choose to get well which takes time and energy for me now?
> Wondered if anyone else had similar problems?  I am not interested in states
> money??  Never wanted a free ride, but need to get well for my future?
> Thanks Felicia

Hi.  Sounds like you are in a difficult situation.

I'd suggest: Read your employee manual to see what your rights and benefits
are.  Line up letters of neccesity with your medical team.  Double check
your finances. And lastly inform your employer.

Sounds like you have kept your employer in the dark, and not used the most
appropriate benefits to handle your healthcare.  This 'could' be the most
dificult issue  to resolve, rather than the others.

You will need your employer in the process for either Unemployment or
Disability Benefits.  Your determination to get a handle on your health is
fantastic!  The best of luck.

I have used niether of the benefits that you question, however I am
currently on COBRA.  I must say that things do not always stay the same when
using this stop-gap program.  If you do move to COBRA, for any reason,
double check your benefits, the 'network', and the service area

Good Luck,
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