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Re: [IP] Hello does anyone ever read my posts????

Your post seemed more like a vent than a cry for help to me. I'm not sure how 
to respond. I and others certainly are sympathetic to your frustrations. I'm 
new to this mail list, but already I see it as more of an 
information/learning thing than a support group. I think your problems with 
depression could be much better addressed by a counselor one on one rather 
than an electronic forum. I don't think any forum of this style is designed 
to truly help people with serious depression. Maybe a combination of support 
from various sources would be the way to go.
I have been in and out of depression for about two years now because of a mix 
of problems and work and difficulty with control and each of those issues 
affecting the other. I was able to leave my job and work on a freelance basis 
in July and things are getting better but my BGs are still not what I want 
and that is why I'm considering the pump.
You are certainly not alone and hopefully this forum will be a comfort to you 
in that way.
Good luck.
-- Deanna
dxed IDDM 9/92
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