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Re: [IP] first day of pump training/ a little long SORRY!


  First of all your CDE or pump trainer doesn't know squat about which set is 
good for you,  My Joshua, age almost 10, pumping almost 2 years is skin and 
bones and we LOVE the Quick Sets. Were on the Sof-sets micros (6mm canula) 
before that!

  Second of all, why wait?????  If you have studied everything and feel 
comfortable about atleast starting out with some saline then do that.  Don't 
wait on THEIR schedule.  This is YOUR life you are talking about and there is 
NO reason why your life should be put on hold because someone else has the 
'god' complex and thinks you should be made to wait.  I know of so many 
people on this list that did NOT wait and just showed up to their 'training' 
fully loaded.  I'm not a medical professional but I do know one thing.  You 
are NOT stupid.  You have worked hard, studied everything, probably know that 
pump inside and out by now.  You have read the PI book and probably have a 
good grasp on how to figure out your basal rates to start out with.  Just DO 
IT.  Our training for Josh 2 years ago consisted of reading the manual, 
watching the video, an RN finally did come out here and was here for maybe 
20-30 minutes while she watched me attempt to do my first site on Josh (age 8 
at the time).  This gal was in such a hurry to leave that she left all of her 
training materials here and didn't even want to come back for them later.  
That was it!!!!!!  So if I can do it on a young child then surely you should 
be able to do it on yourself, with the help of us here on this list.

  Another option is to call the trainer and say this is what I'm going to do. 
let me know what you think because I'm GOING to do it.  Don't wait.  Just do 

mom to Joshua
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