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Re: [IP] Re: Type 1 Diabetes Affect Learning

I've been sitting back and reading the various responses concerning this 
matter and I thought that maybe I should put my two cents worth in too.  
Joshua was dxd a little over 4 years ago and has been pumping almost 2 years 
now.  He is in the 4th grade and is a very brilliant student, almost to the 
point of being bored sometimes.  But he does have a hard time sometimes 
concentrating in the classroom setting.  Shoot he has the same hard time here 
at home a lot of the time.  His endo mentioned the possibility of ADD and I 
cut him off and told him I would not even go that route.  It is true, and I 
know I mentioned this several months ago, the similarities between a 
hyperglycemic DMer and a child with ADD or ADHD.  Even Josh's teacher started 
to notice the similarities, which actually got her to go and research more on 
diabetes to compare.  Josh is her first DMer and she is retiring after this 
school year.

  Well, anyway, to get back on track.  It is true that a low BG in Josh will 
make him a total space cadet and unable to focus and get lithargic.  If he is 
running too high he can get hyper in every sense of the word.  But when push 
comes to shove, Josh is in the top 2% of the nation in mathematics (they were 
tested on a standard 3rd graders test last year) and this same test put him 
in the top 4% in reading, Comprehension and a few other areas.  His lowest 
was 86% in punctuation!!!  YES, I'm bragging a little here.  But it does show 
that in Joshua's case his diabetes has not hindered him one bit in his 
ability to learn but it does affect his behavior.  Perhaps this is what some 
of the others were trying to put across.  I don't know.  This is how it is 
for us!

Good luck to ALL of you!

mom to Joshua
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