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[IP] first day of pump training/ a little long SORRY!

Hi everyone,
  I told you I would let you know how things went today and what I learned 
that I did not already know and what the next meetings are going to be about. 
So here it is:
           TODAY: We drove about 30 min. to the hospital to meet with the 
nurse educator in a one on one meeting. She asked a lot of questions and 
looked at my possible sights and said that she did not think I had enough fat 
to use the soft sets that I was sent with my pump.She said I could try them 
but thought I would need something different.( I am not to happy about that) 
She gave me a food diary to keep for 3 days that I have to bring to the next 
            THE NEXT SESSION: Nov. 12th   TIME: 6:30-9:00pm
      in this session we will go over basal-bolus regimen, carb counting and 
using a carb to insulin ratio and a correction formula for treating 
            THE NEXT SESSION: Nov. 19th Time: 6:30-9:00pm
     in this session we will have the opportunitie for practicing insulin 
adjustments will be provided. Special considerations for pump therapy will be 
discussed, such as adjustments for exercise and sick days, and prevention of 
            THE NEXT SESSION: Nov. 26th  TIME:4-6pm
    This is a 2 hour small group session introducing the basic features of 
the  minimed 508. Hands-on chance to practice with an insulin pump trainer.
             THE NEXT SESSION: Dec. 5th  Time:9:00am
  Pump Initiation!!!!!!! THE BIG DAY!!!!!!

     SO does this suck or what? The pump has been in the house a month today 
and it looks like I get to look at the box for another month before I get to 
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