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[IP] Static and pump cases

I know there was a thread onthis a couple weeks or months ago....I looked in 
the archieves and couldn't find it though. If I remember right and I might 
not but I thought I remembered someone saying that MM gave them a FREE case. 
I have a 507c and not a 508 so I don't HAVE to use a pump cover but would 
like to use one. I went to their website and was shocked that it was $25 for 
a leather case. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised and I'm sure it is 
worth it but with the expense of everything I have to buy I would love it if 
I could get it for free or cheaper. So when I call MM do I just ask them for 
a free one or do I have to tell them I'm concerned about the static issue to 
get it for free??

Dx'd 84 pumping 3/15/99 with a blue 507c

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