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Re: [IP] IT'S HERE!!

>>Today is my first of three maybe four days of pump training. I wish they 
>>could do it all in one day. I have had the pump in the house for about a 
>>month. I have read the manual that came with it and the book "Insulin 
>>Pumper" I think I would be able to handle starting if I could have a 
>>phone number to call if I had a problem. I will write and let you all 
>>know what they tough me today.
>>                                  I'm so HAPPY!!
>>                                     Pam

My training consisted of my CDE telling me to watch the video and work 
through a sheet of button pushing exercises she gave. She then scheduled a 
3 hour meeting to go over the pump and do the first site insertion. Before 
the meeting I sent her a list of several rather detailed questions about 
the pump (How to review the time span for a dual wave bolus? Does the pump 
automatically adjust for DST? Does she have access to a download station?) 
and my proposal for starting basal and bolus ratios. At the meeting she 
spend the first 2 minutes answering the questions (Don't know. Call MM. 
Don't think so but not sure. Call MM and NO). At that point she said I was 
obviously comfortable with the pump, Gave me back my list of proposed 
treatment values with a notation from the doctor saying agreed and we went 
directly to the site insertion. Total visit took about an hour.

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