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Re: [IP] Re: Type 1 Diabetes Affect Learning

> I agree 100%, my son has beeen diagnosed a little over a year and in
> that year he not only has learned as much as he could about
> diabetes, carb counting and complications, but also in school.  He
> was always bright, but since his diagnosis, he has become a straight
> A student.  I think he just had to grow up and mature over night and
> he has.  I don't believe diabetes is an excuse not to succeed in
> school and life.  If anything it has made my son to want to succeed
> even more.  

I dunno..... Lily always complained that when she got high it was 
difficult to concentrate on subjects that required complex analysis 
i.e. math, science.... She excells in those subjects, ace'd the SAT's 
and got 5's on the advanced placement tests, just reporting her 
comments. Also, wide bg swings are known to promote depression which 
inhibits learning ability. I don't think the study really implies 
that brain function is permanently impaired, just that the cognitive 
process is impaired by the excessive bg swings. The end result is 
that material is missed or not comprehend as well. Since the learning 
process is a series of building blocks, the cumulative effect of this 
can add up over time.
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