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Re: [IP] IT'S HERE!!


I had my training yesterday, all in one day. The CDE was surprised how 
much I knew about the pump, I guess I was her only patient who actually 
read all the manuals and figured how to work the buttons. I was in and 
out in two hours. I 've had a few lows already since hooking up, but 
this was because the long acting insulin I took was still in my system. 
Doing excellent today!! My BG has been between 70-150mg since this 
morning. Good luck with your training!!  


email @ redacted wrote:

> Today is my first of three maybe four days of pump training. I wish they 
>could do it all in one day. I have had the pump in the house for about a 
>month. I have read the manual that came with it and the book "Insulin Pumper" 
>I think I would be able to handle starting if I could have a phone number to 
>call if I had a problem. I will write and let you all know what they tough me 
>                                  I'm so HAPPY!!
>                                     Pam
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