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[IP] Re: Insuance

Ahhh Dave I agree I hate the insurance companies.  

I have Fortis Insurance.  I have a deductible of $3,200 then they pay 50% are 
you impress yet??? After $5,850.  They pay 100%.  All diabetic supplies 
including the pump and the supplies come under the deductible not durable 
goods.  Also it took 4 months to fight them to get the pump even approved.  
Not only that - We cannot get it directly from Mini-Med - it has to come from 
a sub contractor so we are not getting charged $5,000 for the pump we will be 
charged $10,000. for the pump.  I know we need new insurance, but since we 
own our business we cannot get group insurance, and so far in the state of 
MO, perexisting conditions still apply. So we are stuck.  At least we have 
So keep fighting!!  BTW, today is the DAY! We are heading to Children's 
Hospital to get the pump today!!!!!!!!

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