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Re: [IP] Re: Type I diabetes may affect learning

My own personal experience is that yes, diabetes can affect learning.  When I 
was in 4th grade and had been diagnosed with diabetes less than a year 
earlier, there was a distinct pattern to my learning, especially notable was 
that I did not do ANYTHING in math class which was about an hour after lunch. 
 Well, after the parent-teacher conference, and several discussions with my 
endo, it was determined that I needed a noon shot to keep my bloodsugar from 
crawling so high that I couldn't focus on learning.  Sure enough, I started 
taking that noon shot (which I hated because no other 9 year old diabetics 
were taking three shots a day then) and my math grade improved.  

I think the most important thing for ANY child, not just a diabetic child, is 
to pay attention to what is emotionally and physically going on with that 
child.  Learning is affected by so many unique "affective filters" as we call 
them in school, that if there is something going on with a child that has 
that filter raised, then NO learning will take place.  Bottom line, don't be 
complacent and assume that your child (or any other child) is just going to 
learn because they are in school.

Katie V.
diagnosed Friday the 13th of March, 1981
Minimed 504(now 507) December 28, 1985
two healthy children 1990 and 1998
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