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[IP] Re: Jenn and Medic Alert bracelets, etc

Jenn -

On my MedicAlert bracelet I have 4 conditions listed:  diabetes, insulin
pump, kidney disease and hypertension.  They fit fine.  If I had more,
whoever is seeing the bracelet is instructed to call the phone number -
also on the bracelet - COLLECT, and the operators have extensive
information at their fingertips, including contact people, drug allergies,
and, of course, any other medical condition that wouldn't "fit" on the
bracelet or pendant or whatever.  It seems worth it to me.

Now, you say no one has ever asked you for one.  Could that be because you
were conscious and could answer their questions?  If one is unconscious, I
can't imagine any responsible paramedic or EMT not being instructed to look
for medical "appurtenances" that give valuable information.

Good luck,
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