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Re: [IP] Fast foods

I have come to grips with the fact that I need to carry my book with me (at
least in the car). I do not depend on restaurants to provide this
information for me, even when they claim that they will (as in your case).
I've become a great guestimator when dining out. I've been fortunate to have
good luck with the guessing game.

The problems that I've encountered when dining out is not getting what I
order. The worst is getting regular soda when I've ordered diet. This has
happened on at least four occasions since I was diagnosed. I can usually
tell the difference, or compare to my wife's regular...but sometimes
fountain soda is difficult to distinguish. I had one that I thought was
diet, but when my BG skyrocketed, I was convinced that the waitress refilled
my diet with a regular. I've had waitstaff tell me they weren't sure, or
insisted it was diet when I knew it was regular.

I've sent letters to all the restaurants that this has happened to. Some
people may prefer diet to lose weight...for diabetics it could be a matter
of life and death if we're not aware of what we're consuming.

If you feel strongly about your restaurant service, please inform the
management...I worked in the restaurant industry for five years and can't
stress how important customer feedback is. If only more people would bring
important matters to the attention of management...most simply never return
and talk bad about their experience.

My 2 cents.


> Am I the only one this has happened to? What would you or have you done?
> their any course of action taken to correct the problem?
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