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Re: [IP] Exercising on a Pump

On 11/29/00 Rosemary wrote:

>There's some discussion at the moment about running/jogging while using a
>I'm really interested to know what pumpers do with their pumps while
>exercising in different ways, particularly swimming and cycling. Do you still
>have to take extra carbs (I hate having to do that) or can you lower or
>suspend the base insulin and get decent bgs before and after. Is there any
>benefit to be had in adjusting the base insulin some time before the exercise
>period begins?

I have been Type 1 for 57 years, cycling for 23 years, and pumping for 5.5
years. I usually start my rides about 1 hour after breakfast, with a reduced
bolus (1/30 instead of 1/12) for breakfast, so I don't need any extra carbs.
Also, as I am about to start the ride I start a temp basal rate that's half
the non-ride basal rate (0.2 instead of 0.4). I set the duration of the temp
basal to 4 hours, which is approximately when the ride will end. I ride
about 10-15 miles to a restaurant, order a second breakfast, bolus with a
ratio of 1/33, then ride about 20-25 miles more. There is no benefit to me
of starting the temp basal some time before the exercise begins because the
first breakfast with reduced bolus results in BG>200 before I start. I
always test BG when I get to the restaurant, and it's usually 80-120.
Likewise when I get home. I have to use reduced boluses for lunch and
Tom Beatson
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