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Re: [IP] Re: square waving and dual waving

> Why do you use your insulin pen?  Wouldn't you want to just bolus the same
> amount with your pump, and then do the same correcting bolus?

I use my pen becuase I have alot of problems with infusion sets, my body
really hates them:) I have sensitivity to Humalog so I mix Humalog and
Velosulin to offset it but I still have alot of set probs since I've more
surface blood vessels than average. I have a bleeder once a week on average.
If I bolus more than 8 units at a meal (even if spread out in 2 unit bolii)
Chinese and Thai usually require 14 or more units for me to be at my normal
in 3 hrs and if I bolus it all thru my set, my sets "blow" and I stop
absorbing. I prefer a shot to almost guaranteed site changes if a site if
behaving perfectly.

  I also require 1 unit for every 10g of CHO so a big 4 course Asian meal
can get pretty insulin intensive. On a typical week, the pen comes out of
the purse thrice a week, twice for corrections and once for my Chicken
Panang ("as hot as you can possibly get it without singe-ing your eyebrows,
please") or Something in Black Bean Sauce.  I bolus for half the food
starting when I order and use the pen for the entree only. It was trial and
error finding what worked for me and pumping for Asian cuisine didn't work
for me, unfortunately. I always wound up in the mid 200's-300's 2 hours
later, no matter what I attempted and always had to do a site change as it
refused to come down after correction.

Of course if I want pizza, I can only begin a meal with a hypo under 50 and
stay at 70 for 2 hr and eventually hit 90 and I level out. Do not try my
pizza technique, it's not worth it, even for Mellow Mushroom garlic and
pepperoni pizza!!! I've refused to touch pizza for 2 mths now.

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