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Re: [IP] weight gain, A1c & other pumping problems

> Hi friends, I hope you don't mind, I'm about to lay out a bunch of
> things bothering me.  I'm feeling the need for some support.
> I just saw my doc this morning, one of so many visits to so many
> kinds of docs, i am getting overwhelmed with it.  I seem to be an
> unusual pumper who has had Worse A1c's since starting the pump.  I
> haven't seen anyone else post that on this list.  Best ever A1c was
> 6.4, then it crept up over a few years to 7.8 at which time i got
> the pump.  now after 1 yr 3 mos, it's 8.7 and its making me feel
> terrible!

Don't feel bad. My 17yo had her's climb into the 8's, they are now 
back into the 7's. The good story behind this is that there have been 
very few lows and not many really high excersions. It seems that for 
a period of time, she couldn't keep her bg's out of the high 200's 
sometime during the day, so that would explain her A1c's. Her quality 
of life is excellent -- she's not stressed by diabetes management and 
is working to improve control.

For yourself, look back at the scenario for MDI and see if you've had 
a generally better time with management and quality of life. If so, 
end of story. We all do our best, sometimes it's better than other 


>  I also gained 30 lbs since pumping!  Not the 10 they warn
> you about,but 30! 
I'm not a pumper, and I could stand to lose a few pounds myself. 
So don't obsess about it, body weight seems to be a national 
obsession. By my observation, it's even worse for the fairer sex. :-)

Be good, exercise, take care of yourself.
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