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Re: [IP] Re: square waving and dual waving

> Pizza, I get.  Chinese doesn'y make sense to me . . . Can someone explain
> Chinese falls in the delayed highs category?

Chinese has alot of hidden fat, but it also has slow absorbed carbs, such as
cornstarch, used to thicken the sauces and in breadings on deep fried items
such a sweet and sour pork pieces and eggrolls are sealed with a cornstarch
"glue". Cornstarch breaks down very slowly and raises sugar high over time,
combined with fat, WHAM! Chinese always kicks me in the butt. A boring but
good trick to get around it is to stick with steamed rice and steamed
dumplings meats and vegies. Even stir-fried dishes with sauces (like pepper
steak) have alot of fat and cornstarch in them. Also, Thai (my fave!)
contains tons of coconut milk, another fatty starch that kicks diabetics in
the rear.

Hope this explains the enigma of Asian cusine:) I use my insulin pen rather
than try to bolus for Thai or Chinese and then correct with a bolus 3 hours
after the meal.

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