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Re: [IP] Another compication of Diabetes

> Does anyone on the list know what necrobiosis lipordica diabeticorum
> Also what happens if it gets worse?
> Thanks,
> Mary

It's a skin condition that, in loose translation, I think means that
sections of the skin are in a deteriorating/dead-seeming state.  It goes by
the initials NLD (check the archives for past threads on this...there have
been several in the year & a half that I've been here)...in some of the
medical books where photographs are provided, you may find example
pictures - the thing is, if you're looking at them to see if you think you
have it, they can be deceiving.  I have been diagnosed with it, & mine
doesn't look much like the pictures.  My spots are on my legs - dry circular
areas that seem "offset" from the rest of the skin.  It also occurs on my
arms, varying from the leg-type spots to red, scaly ones.  I am supposed to
see a dermatologist about it, but I just haven't gotten that far.  In the
meanwhile, I'm using Neoteric lotion (I would HIGHLY recommend this stuff to
anyone with dry skin problems...expensive, but SO very worth it!!).

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