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Re: [IP] Overnight basal profile testing


A personal thank your IP org efforts and for sharing your expereince.  Many

>> I have one question for your opinion regarding overnight fastiong
>> basal tests:
>> Do you think the profile is significantly altered by not having a
>> "normal" night as far as sleep.  Once again; the bg's I get when
>> waking each hour or staying up all night are a diff profile than I
>> get when sleeping thru the night.
>Yes, normal profile will be altered by the extra wake time. Try doing
>this over several nights, waking every 2 - 3 hours only. On
>successive nights, wake at a different hour so that the data
>collected will cover the time periods better. Adjust the data to
>normalize the "starting" bg's to be the same numerically and apply
>that correction factor to the rest of the data set from that night.
>The curves from each data set should be pretty much the same shape,
>or you should disgard the particular outband data set and try it
>Maximum wake-ups should not be more than 3.

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