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Re: [IP] another question

On 30 Nov 2000, at 16:56, Heidi E. Lindemann wrote:

> > > So that if I
> > > have a high bg of 160, 1 unit will bring me down to 80, but if I
> > > have a 240 bg, it may take less than 2 units to bring me down to 80.
> Your endo told you correct information.  The higher the blood sugar is,
> the greater the insulin resistance.  If you've ever experienced a bg in
> the 300s you will see that the normal ratios do not work.  This is not
> just intuition it's actual a scientific fact.  I learned it during a week
> long diabetes intensive at UCSF.

<heavy sigh>  Well, now I'm thinking maybe I misunderstood her 
and better ask her again.

Was that week-long thing at UCSF a class you took? or a 
treatment program of some sort?  

If it's a class intended for the general public, and it's not too 
expensive, I could probably swing it.  And it might be worth it to 
me.  And I'd love to hear more about it.

I'm only 2 hours away (Sacramento).
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