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Re: [IP] another question

> On 30 Nov 2000, at 12:45, Michael wrote:
> > > Got another question I need advice on please:
> > > What are the chances of having two different rates needed for
> > > dropping my bg's when high? 
> > When you are high, you generally become insulin resistant. Isn't 
> > mother nature nice :-(
> hmmmm I'm getting mixed messages here.  My endo recently told 
> me that each additional unit is a bit more powerful.  

Sure doesn't work that way around our house :-)

> So that if I
> have a high bg of 160, 1 unit will bring me down to 80, but if I
> have a 240 bg, it may take less than 2 units to bring me down to 80.

Could you not be taking into account unused insulin???

> Although the past two days' spaghetti experiences seem to 
> contradict that.  Does food bolus behave differently than 
> generalized high bg bolus?

Yep. food bolus are "usually" pretty linear. i.e. so much carb=fixed 
amount of insulin. The digestion bg pattern might differ with 
different foods because of glycemic index, but after 3-4+ hours, the 
end result is usually the same. (Pizza, chinese notable exceptions).
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