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Re: [IP] Overnight basal profile testing

> I have one question for your opinion regarding overnight fastiong
> basal tests:
> Do you think the profile is significantly altered by not having a
> "normal" night as far as sleep.  Once again; the bg's I get when
> waking each hour or staying up all night are a diff profile than I
> get when sleeping thru the night.

Yes, normal profile will be altered by the extra wake time. Try doing 
this over several nights, waking every 2 - 3 hours only. On 
successive nights, wake at a different hour so that the data 
collected will cover the time periods better. Adjust the data to 
normalize the "starting" bg's to be the same numerically and apply 
that correction factor to the rest of the data set from that night. 
The curves from each data set should be pretty much the same shape, 
or you should disgard the particular outband data set and try it 

Maximum wake-ups should not be more than 3.

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