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RE: [IP]square waving and dual waving

On 30 Dec 2000, at 15:56, Roni Pagano wrote:

> I think you can definetly be in tight control- you might have to eat more
> textbook style if you want it though.  and if not keep doing what your
> doing.  I on the other hand dont know if i have the desire to do the trial
> and error as it should be.  I believe i will pick a few lunch and dinner
> options and deviate on occasion until i have time to focus more.  although
> thats how i feel today.  tomarrow can be totally different!  :)

I sure wish I could follow a more rigid plan, but in the 20 years 
since I left my mom, I've not been able to follow any kind of 
consistency regarding food.

I hate food.  I hate cooking.  I hate grocery shopping.  I hate 
cleaning up..... I hate *eating*.  No, I don't have an eating disorder, 
but I've always hated every aspect of it.  I'm lucky to just be able to 
eat at least once a day.  It kinda sucks.
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