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RE: [IP]square waving and dual waving

On 30 Nov 2000, at 8:41, Roni Pagano wrote:

> i didnt realize how much guessing and trial and error there is.  i had this
> down to a science before the pump- now its back to square one!  oh well,
> once a master at diabetes; will be again....

YUP.  Square one is exactly how I feel too.

I'm gradually and very slowly creating spreadsheets to help me with 
various calculations (such as a running average of boluses so I can 
see when the ratio needs to be changed) and the unused insulin 

Since we'd already cooked up so much spaghetti night before last, 
I went ahead and had it again yesterday.  This time I did 4 units at 
the beginning and 4 units over 6 hours.  We're making progress 

99 bg at the beginning
~92 gm carbs
178 bg at 4 hours
125 bg at 6.5 hrs
2 hours of moderate activity (cleaning commercial buildings)
92 bg at 8 hours 
125 upon waking

What's interesting to me is that my carb/insulin ratio is about 15 
gm/u and that works well for faster carbs (or smaller meals), but for 
this large amount of spaghetti, it seems that it needs to be 11 

So next time (I have a feeling I won't be in the mood for spaghetti 
for awhile though), I'll try 4 units at the beginning and 4 units over 5 
hours instead of 6 hours, to try to nail that 178.  (if anyone can 
suggest something better, I'd certainly appreciate it, cuz I'm still 
just guessing and experimenting).

My endo may not offer any changes this plan because it's her 
opinion that I'll never be able to be below 140 24x7 (even though 
she knows the ob/gyn group will want me to be).
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