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[IP] Overnight basal profile testing

I have one question for your opinion regarding overnight fastiong basal tests:

Do you think the profile is significantly altered by not having a "normal"
night as far as sleep.  Once again; the bg's I get when waking each hour or
staying up all night are a diff profile than I get when sleeping thru the


Last night (as in many nights before) waking each hour:  Stable bg's thru
the night.

Typical night; sleeping all night:  6.5 at bedtime.  20-30 at waking 6-8
hours later.

It seems as long as I am awake, whether fasting or not; the overnight bg's
are stable but if I am asleep I get a huge DP!  Arrghh!  And before you
suugest a CBGM; they aren't approved in Canada yet and probably won't be
for a few years.


Darrin Parker
Nova Scotia, Canada!
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