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I think I am going to explode.  I don't have red hair for nothing!  If I didn't need the money, I would walk out of my job right now.
I'm trying to calm down so that my blood pressure doesn't sky rocket, but it's hard. I work as an office assistant in the School of Journalism and Broadcasting at Western Kentucky University.  The other secretary who did all of the billing and budgeting recently quit.  I am buried in bills I don't know how to pay from dozens of different types of accounts that require different types of forms signed by different people. The purchasing department
keeps calling me with problems I don't know how to solve, the faculty keeps dumping requests for travel reimbursement on me that they have saved up for months, and I can't even figure out the correct way to pay for $10 worth of batteries we bought a week ago!  One elderly professor keeps wanting to know when I am going to type his ten page final from his hand written notes, I am solely responsible for planning and setting up a Christmas luncheon very
soon, I'm weeks behind on filing, and I can't seem to get any of the student workers to understand that I need a timesheet in order to get them a paycheck.
    We interviewed for a replacement for the lady that quit, but are now waiting on "permission to offer the position" which could take weeks while the EEOC board looks at who we interviewed.   My blood sugar keeps dropping so I keep eating and my hormones are going crazy.  I feel like crying one minute, and screaming the next. PLEASE GOD, LET CHRISTMAS BREAK COME SOON.
Makes me wish I could win the lottery so I could just stay home.

Sherry C.
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Pulling out her hair and wishing she was rich so she could quit her job
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