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[IP] Exercising on the pump

     Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 16:18:44 EST
     From: email @ redacted
     Subject: [IP] Exercising on a Pump
     There's some discussion at the moment about running/jogging while 
     using a 
     I'm really interested to know what pumpers do with their pumps while 
     exercising in different ways, particularly swimming and cycling. Do 
     you still 
     have to take extra carbs (I hate having to do that) or can you lower 
     suspend the base insulin and get decent bgs before and after. Is there 
     benefit to be had in adjusting the base insulin some time before the 
     period begins?
     I'd love to know what you all do.
     I moonlight as an aerobic instructor, so I usually get a good workout 
     five times a week. What I do to "prepare" is different depending on 
     the situation. 
     If about about 1 1/2 hours before an aerobic class ..
     1. I am in the 140-200 range (not often there)I do nothing and let the 
     exercise take care of the "high"
     2. If 70-140, I run a temp basal of roughly 30% less for 1.5 hours 
     before the start of class. Returns to normal rates at teh start of 
     3. If less than 70, reduce basal and eat enough carbs to get me back 
     on track.
     This seems to work for me on most days, as always
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