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Re: [IP] kids can be cruel

I don't have any magic dust on this one.  I have been through this with both 
my kids, and the only answer is for Matt to dump this kid.  The hard part is 
going to be convincing Matt.  Most kids don't see the logic of letting go of 
a relationship that is still "half good".  They just wish it would get 
better.  They don't have the experience of adults, which shows that people 
typically don't change, and chances are, this relationship will not get any 
better.  His friend sounds like a bully and is probably trying to get other 
kids against Matt.  Maybe you could help Matt pull away from this kid, and 
begin building relationships with new kids, by letting him invite someone 
else to something really fun and special.  If the shots towards the diabetes 
keep coming, you may have to call Matt's parents and suggest that you all 
work together to help the boys create distance from one another.  Obviously, 
the relationship is no  longer good for Matt, and probably isn't good for the 
other kid either.  Put downs hurt everybody.  Kids typically insult each 
other about everything, too bad they don't see that diabetes should be off 
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