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[IP] Wow, what a meeting we went to last night!


Erica and my husband and I went to a parent support group meeting last
night at our Children's Hospital, the IWK hospital in Halifax, Nova
Scotia.  Its topic was Insulin Pumps.  I believe it was the first
'pumping' meeting, but after last night, I am sure it won't be the last.

It was so exciting for us to educate the parents of so many kids.  There
was another parent/child pumper there and the daughter was so
delightful.  One of the reasons she said she loved her pump was she
didn't feel so different anymore.  Hearing her talk almost made me cry!
The meeting which usually has about 5 attendees, had 30 people present
(my husband is a 'counter') and we were all stuffed into a small but
cozy room.  I think the most important thing I got across to people last
night, after giving them our lowdown on pumping, (which of course should
be called a 'high'down)  is the importance of fasting basal checks.  The
clinic in the hospital, which is learning itself and is VERY supportive,
hasn't been promoting this and I was glad that a few parents of pumpers
approached me after the meeting asking for more information on it. They
were seeing a lot of swinging sugars.   I am sure the clinic will take a
look at fasting basals now that they are more aware of their
importance.  They are pretty keen to learn.

So, Michael, be prepared for some new Canadian members as I am stressing
the importance of reading the Insulin Pumpers prior to pumping!!  What
we lack in $$ due to conversion rates, we make up for in enthusiasm!
<VBG>  Which reminds me, time for another donation.....blasted
conversion rate and all <g>

Okay one more thing....
Michael, this site is directly responsible for lifestyle changes for so
many people.  Without its support, we might have given up pumping when
Erica developed a problem with Humalog and absorption.  How different
things would have been had we not turned to all the wonderful people on
this site for input.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for developing it,
and Thanks to all the other admin people who help to keep it going!!
Twenty months and counting!

Now I'm going :)

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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