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Re: [IP] Re: Tom C.'s Question

> >  Actually, it makes alot of sense-as I wanted a pump to lean more
> > toward the natural functions of the pancreas, 

> I have no particular pump preference, but must de-bunk the "pancreas"
> argument. The pancreas delivers most of the body's insulin production
> directly to the liver whereas ANY kind of sub-cutaneous insulin
> delivery, be it shots or pump, delivers only a tiny percentage of
> insulin to the liver (under 5%). 

Except with the new intraperitoneal infusion port systems pumping 
won't be just subq anymore.  Being percutaneous, they will only 
require outpatient conditions for implantation, and they will direct 
pumped insulin directly to the liver.  Check out the "Port Systems" 
at the site

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