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Re: [IP] another question

In a message dated 11/29/00 6:35:47 PM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< > Got another question I need advice on please:
 > What are the chances of having two different rates needed for dropping my
 > bg's when high?  
Absolutely.  Different rates at different times of day, different days, are 
the norm, not the exception.  I think for me it has a lot to do with hormone 
fluctuations.  Also when under a lot of stress I am more insulin resistant.  
For example, tested one day prior to driving to Subway for lunch, was at 120. 
 Argued with daughter on way there about her wanting to eat at McDonald's and 
the value of healthier food, etc.  Went to Subway and sat down to eat about 
20 minutes later, tested again, was at 190, hadn't eaten in 6 hrs, must have 
been stress.  Also have noticed the stubborn highs lasting a day or so after 
Chinese food, pizza, etc.  It seems to me the more often you are going high, 
the harder it is to bring it down, i.e., takes more insulin.  Conversely, if 
you have been staying low for awhile, you become very insulin sensitive.

It's all a big puzzle, and it seems I always come up with a few missing 
pieces.  All you can do is try to learn all you can about your own case of D, 
we are all different.  But I sure come up with some good ideas here from 

Hope this helped,
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