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Re: [IP] Square Wave/Dual Bolus

Rita wrote:

>>I have been trying to figures these out for my daughter Colleen (7) her
current 9pm -12 am basal rate is .9 and every time I have tried the square
after a McD dinner or pizza - she crashes an hour later so I end up
suspending treating and then calculating the carbs of the meal - what she has
gotten and what she still needs.

Love my Dr. but he said when you find out let me know and MiniMed wasn't any
help at all.....<<


How many carbs are in the typical late-evening meal you talked about? Whatever
the total bolus for the number of carbs, I would simply try changing the ratio
first. For example, if you go 50% immediately and 50% over x hours, change the
ratio to 40/60 and see how that works. You may have to change the ratio even
further, but this can only be a trial and error operation. If that doesn't
help, perhaps the insulin to carb ratio at night is changing enough to cause
problems (i.e. if the ratio you are using now is 1:15, change it UPWARD
slightly and see what your results are). As always, this is only my opinion
and I am definitely NOT qualified to give you advice other than telling you
what I would do. YMMV, as always.

Todd Merkle
dx'd 81, pumping MM507C 9/98
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