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[IP] another question

Got another question I need advice on please:
What are the chances of having two different rates needed for dropping my
bg's when high?  (can you tell I cannot think of the right word right now?)
Whatever the word is, I am having trouble more at night and early evening
dropping my bg if it is high, using my normal 1unit drops me 100# rule.  Now
its more like one unit drops me 50 if I am lucky.  Have had a few rocky days
where I have over-indulged (Chinese food or Little Caesars bread in a box
with garlic and butter)  and my bgs shot up awful.  Wouldn't come down as
usual when I took my high bg ratio.  So Ken/hubby decided it was time to
fight back, and if my bg is about 350, I take almost 3 units to bring me
within range.  Its working, but I am curious if this is normal. to have two
different ratios?  During the AM, it is fine, one unit drops me 100 points
if not more.  I guess and know it all depends on all that fat I ate, but I
don't like it, these high numbers stink.
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted
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