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Re: [IP] Fwd: My recent events

    Do not worry, the dangers you have mentioned from working out after a 
meal are nothing but myth! 
    I talked to 3 doctors (2 endos, 1 Family Practitioner) about the dangers 
you described from working out on a full stomach-stomach cramps, blood clots, 
dizziness, etc.  They all said the same thing.... It is recommended working 
out no earlier than 1/2 hour after a meal because of the possibility of 
stomach cramps, (but if there is no problem with cramps, don't worry, 
(Remember YMMV).
    The part about blood clots, etc., is just plain silly. There is no fact 
to this for  any  healthy person D or not. Perhaps the blood clots, dizziness 
is due to something else, not eating before a workout.
    Please check out the facts before scaring people.
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