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Re: [IP] Running vs other forms of exercise

    FINALLY! Another serious exercise person! I do different workouts, I call 
them crosstraining. I might ride a stationary bike for 35 minutes, then walk 
on the treadmill for 20 minutes during the week. On the weekends I take 
aerobic classes-step, or low impact. I also some rollerblading and running 
during good outside weather days.
    I try and workout after eating, (and trust me, this is NOT bad for you, 
although it is recommended to begin no sooner than 1/2 hour after eating to 
avoid stomach cramps). I bolus up to 2 units less for my meal, so that my 
blood sugar starts out in my workout in the high range 75 to 100  over 
normal, then after a 40-60 minutes workout, my bg's are usually in the normal 
range. I do disconnect before aerobics classes and rollerblading, but not any 
other forms of exercise that I do. I always check before and after, and bolus 
if necessary.
    I was diagnosed when I was 8 years old, I was never told to limit my 
exercise (I was always very physically active!) And always found that 
exercise helped my diabetes control greatly!! I am now 43, and still find 
that exercising everyday is a great asset to my health and well-being. I also 
have no complications. (cross my fingers).
    Keep in touch! Jan G.
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