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RE: [IP]square waving and dual waving

On 29 Nov 2000, at 15:14, Roni Pagano wrote:

> See, I wouldn't have done it for spaghetti cause its just straight carbs.
> so what did you do- 50% at the meal and 50% within an 1hr?  what was on the
> spaghetti  (tom sauce, alfredo sauce, oil and garlic)?  just curious

I would have originally thought straight bolus too, but the last time I 
had spaghetti, I had a big spike after the humalog ran out at the 4 
hour mark.  Then I looked on the glycemic index lists and lo and 
behold, spaghettir's actually a little ways down there.  Don't know 
why.  Also, it's possible I have some gastroparesis (undiagnosed 
as yet).

I put regular bottle Ragu sauce on it (8 gm per 1/2 cup) and a large 
handful of shredded cheddar cheese (the fat in that just may have 
had an effect also)

I weighed & measure the spaghetti & sauce very carefully before 
cooking and calculated 92 gm carbs (yikes! I've been mostly lo 
carbing this past year and that was double my average *daily* 
carbs :-D).  And calculated that I needed a total of ~ 6 units.  So I 
put it at 3 units now and 3 units over 5 hours.  (since my previous 
spike came after the 4 hour mark).

I started at 92 mg/dl then stayed between 130-140 during the whole 
wave.  About an hour after the wave finished, I went up to 160 and 
bolused another unit.  Woke up at 135 this morning (a little bit 
higher than usual, but I'm on day 4 for this infusion set so it could 
possibly be that too).

I'm not certain how to change this plan for the next time.  I'll 
probably try 4 units at the beginning and 4 units over 6 hours.  
Unless my endo calls and gives me a different plan.  (I'll be faxing 
my numbers to her on Friday and she frequently has changes for 
me the next day).

Basically, I'm just taking a stab at it.  Pure guesswork.  I don't 
seem to have a very good intuitive understanding of how to do this 
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