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[IP] Running vs other forms of exercise

Hi, Susan.

I've been jogging regularly (at least 3x/wk) for over 25 years, and I've 
been a Type 1 for longer than that.

>All my life, I've scoffed at the reports that a diabetic cannot exercise 
>(or their performance/energy level will suffer) at numbers above 200.

I don't hesitate to jog at any bg up to 250. Above that, I'm reluctant 
because my body is totally out of whack. I take a bolus and wait for an 
hour, retest, and then go.

>... in aerobics classes, other high intensity sports - I would drop 
>drastically in the first 15 min and then level out.  I always disconnected 
>about 15 minutes prior and remained disconnected for the duration.

I jog for 30-40 minutes. During that time, I'll drop roughly 100 mg/dl, for 
which I'll need 30 g CHO. If I don't consume the sugar, I'll have a hypo 
for *sure*. I don't disconnect during the jog, since the insulin I'm 
infusing won't show its effects until after the jog is over.

>... with running, I cannot disconnect or I will generally rise or not budge.

I have _never_ seen a higher bg after a jog.

>My question is for serious runners (which I would like to become!) - how 
>does running differ from other sports in terms of blood sugar for you?

I'm an experienced *jogger*, so I'll let the runners speak separately. 
Jogging is no different for me than any other aerobic activity. It uses a 
lot of sugar and it uses it quickly. If my bg is normal, I have to "tank 
up" with carbs before I start. If my bg is elevated, I can use the jogging 
to bring it down. If my bg is sky-high, I bring it down to a reasonable 
range before I start.

>Interested for input!

HTH. Can't wait to read about other people's experiences.

regards, Andy
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