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[IP] mail order Rx companies and pump supplies

It's that time of year, benefits signup time at work.  From our "Benefits 
Update" newsletter, it seems there was a law passed in Massachusetts 
giving better coverage to some diabetic supplies.  Although I don't need 
the orthopedic shoes and magnifying glass (yet :-) I did notice the 
newsletter mentioned pumps and pump supplies.

Currently in my plan (a traditional indemnity BC/BS plan) I get an 
excellent deal on prescriptions from a mail order company Express Scripts. 
 Insulin and test strips are covered this way, but pump supplies are 
classified as durable medical equipment which I order directly from the 
pump company and pay 20%. 

I'd love to take advantage of the low Rx copay for pump supplies but can 
sense it will be a bit of a hassle, at least to start with.  First, does 
anyone use Express Scripts or another mailorder Rx house for their pump 
supplies now and how is your experience?  Do they cover all the different 
infusion sets?  (I am currently using the 80cm tenders but want to try the 
ultraflex when they come out)  Do you get separate prescriptions for sets, 
cartridges, batteries, etc, etc??  I can see as a compromise getting the 
expensive stuff through the mailorder house but continuing to order the 
rest directly, but am unsure if it will be covered since I won't be 
getting it from an authorized mail order source.  Also, I'm sure my local 
CVS and Osco won't be carrying the myriad of pump supplies for 3 different 
manufacturers either, they didn't even have Humalog pens, I was the first 
person to have a Rx for it last year pre-pump.

When I tried to get details on the changes or at least a phone number in 
case I had problems with Express Scripts not being up to speed, the BC/BS 
rep told me their riders weren't written yet, just the plan summaries they 
were handing out, but everyone knew what was going on and there would 
never be a problem. (yeah, right)

Thanks for any info,
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